Rob Spence

picture of Rob Spencepicture of Rob Spencepicture of Rob Spence

Rob's long term dream has been the creation of a Pink Floyd tribute band. Rob began playing guitar in earnest following a short yet spectacularly unsuccessful return to motocross as a hobby in mid 2000's. Not being able to move much was a great motivating factor to take up a safer hobby! Robs influences include Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, and of course David Gilmour. "David Gilmour has phenomenal control of each and every note, placing each note in context to the phrasing and the song overall". "Gilmour has one of the most incredible tones in guitar with masterful use of effects". Rob has spent several years sculpting the tone needed for an accurate Pink Floyd sound. "I have two black strats to choose from, depending on the song". Both are faithful recreations of Gilmours legendary black strat. "One strat was fitted with a 22 fret rosewood neck and the other is a 21 fret vintage '57 neck". "I have been driving my wife nuts, working on my pedal board over the years as well, having procured a number of identical effects Gilmour uses, as well as others that provide a reasonable facsimile". "A Few More Bricks has been an uphill battle, attempting to find musicians who have the same vision and dedication". "All of the musicians have been great people, but it has taken almost a year to pull together a like-minded group" says Rob. Rob lives in Idaho Falls, happily married to his Black Strat #1 and Black Strat #2.

Tim Egan

picture of Tim Eganpicture of Tim Eganpicture of Tim Egan

Tim Egan is a 44 year old Montana native but has been an Idaho resident since 1989. Mr. Egan has enjoyed the music of Pink Floyd since age 14, when he started broadcasting a weekly rock and roll show on a non-commercial radio station at Montana State University. In addition to singing, Egan enjoys riding motorcycles, competitive shooting, and holds a commercial pilots certificate. Tim owns a local structural steel design / drafting business and has worked on projects across America. Most notable of recent projects was the Castle structure for the Harry Potter theme ride at Universal Theme Parks, Orlando. Egan spends spare time with his daughter Tessa, age 16 and also an aspiring musician. Mr. Egan's good looks, humor, style and modesty fully round out the band and provide a unique balance to 'A Few More Bricks'.

Kevin Young

picture of Kevin Youngpicture of Kevin Youngpicture of Kevin Young

Kevin began playing music when he was seven years old. His study of the saxophone began in elementary school and continued in high school. Kevin studied jazz at Utah State University under the direction of Larry Smith while obtaining a degree in engineering. Kevin's semiprofessional music career started in 1996 after moving back to Idaho Falls. He has performed in a variety of local blues, rock and jazz groups including groups in Boise and Salt Lake City. His first recording session was with Nelson Soucek and Craig James Green on their 1998 release Strange Dreams. In 2001, Kevin recorded his first solo CD, Sax for the Soul, which he followed with Sax for the Holidays in 2003. In 2007, Kevin started the non-profit Eastern Idaho Jazz Society ( to help promote live jazz and jazz education in Eastern Idaho. He currently serves as the society's president and hosts the monthly jam sessions. Kevin can be heard performing in Eastern Idaho with the Pink Floyd tribute band A Few More Bricks, the high energy R&B dance band The Shift, and his own group, The Kevin Young Jazz Quartet.

Liatt Potter

picture of Liatt Potterpicture of Liatt Potterpicture of Liatt Potter

Liatt has been a professional vocalist for the last 25 yrs. She has had the good fortune to have been able to work with such legends as Carol King, the band Foreigner, Herbie Hancock, and the Utah Jazz, and LA Lakers, and opening up for the late great Ray Charles. Liatt was in New York performing when a camera crew came to her and asked her to be on star search. She won the international vocal competition for best female vocalist 2 yrs in a row and was featured at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. Liatt was one of 8 finalists out of 21,000 people to sing on the Oprah show and has worked with many bands over the yrs including, Go for broke, Syntax, The Diversity trio, and The Judd Grossman band. Liatt is a one woman tour-DE-force that left a lasting impression on A Few More Bricks as well as our fans!